ME TOO: The Importance of Ending Silence and Speaking Out

A patient of mine sadly told me that she didn’t know a woman who wouldn’t chime in with “MeToo”, an acknowledgment of either being sexually harassed or abused. She herself had had numerous violating encounters on the New York subway, and had been on a swim team as a teenager in which it came out later that the coach had...[ read more ]

Why Work with Babies? An Ounce of Prevention…

At Valley Community Counseling Clinic we believe in supporting the mother and baby relationship. Becoming a parent is a deeply stirring experience. Each pregnancy, birth, and unique baby is a new experience, filled with a variety of emotions and meanings for all involved. Rocky starts can happen for numerous reasons and mothering an infant is often filled with unexpected challenges,...[ read more ]


This time of year can be stressful for many of us. Expectations of all sorts have the potential of not being met. One piece that gets stirred up and perhaps one of the most important spoken or unspoken layers is the expectation or yearning for some feeling of a belonging and/or a sense of warmth that gets exchanged in meaningful...[ read more ]

Do You Believe In True Love?

Here at Valley Community Counseling Center, a low cost clinic in North Hollywood, we believe in love.  We work from the premise that most couples who originally loved each other can be helped to rebuild their relationship if they are willing to put in the time and effort.  What could be more important than your primary relationship?  If you have...[ read more ]

Aging Gracefully

Only privileged individuals are allowed to grow old.  Nonetheless, the aging process can be daunting in a society that glorifies youth, physical beauty, productivity and efficiency.  Further, many individuals find themselves floundering after the tasks of creating family and career have been met.  Here at Valley Community Counseling Clinic we provide low fee psychotherapy to help older individuals navigate this...[ read more ]

Post Election Blues

I had lunch with a friend this week, who’s first question to me was if my practice was full of depressed people since the election. And she was accurate. Many I have talked with are deeply affected by the election and the uncertainties that lie ahead. Vulnerability coupled with a feeling of helplessness is often at the center of these...[ read more ]

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